Effective Selling - Emailing Sales Quotes

You've configured a perfect Quote/Opportunity in Salesforce and it's approved for delivery. Congratulations! So what is the next step?

Sending a quote as an email attachment is a common practice, but raises many questions.

  • Was the quote received?
  • Did it end up in a spam folder?
  • Did they click on the call-to-action for more details?
  • How many times did they view the quote?
  • Does the buyer have enough information to make a purchasing decision?

Using Salesforce email templates with iDialogue extensions offers a better solution for quote delivery.

  • Email open and click activity event notifications
  • Inline quote line items
  • Inline attachments with links to securely hosted documents
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Mobile friendly email layouts
  • SPAM-free templates

The ROI is tangible and very real:

  • Faster time to close (sometimes within 2 hours of receipt!)
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Fewer back-and-forth quoting emails
  • More reportable Quote KPIs and metrics

Learn more at iDialogue Documentation - Email Overview

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