Marketing’s Role in Opportunity Page Layout Decisions

Is your Marketing department involved in Salesforce Opportunity page layout decisions?

Sales Reps spend up to 400 hours per year searching for deal-specific Marketing materials.

Lightning page layouts allow for cross-functional alignment across Sales and Marketing to ensure customer-facing conversations and quotes carry their intended messaging.

Marketers are skilled at pixel-perfect user interface design decisions, copywriting, audience targeting, and messaging. So why wouldn't you leverage their experience and bring their skill set to Opportunity page layout decisions and enablement rules?

Benefits to adding Marketing content to page layouts:

  • Gives new Sales Reps real-time guidance and training on products
  • Gives experienced Sales Reps the convenience of one-click content selection
  • Provides feedback to Content Creators on which content is effective, and where used
  • Fewer quote iterations and errors
  • Faster time to close