AviateNow Implements CPQ for Aviation Using iDialogue for Salesforce


AviateNow offers a comprehensive aviation management tool powered by Salesforce.com. Today's aviation companies are constantly looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency. They subscribe to AviateNow to better manage customers, crews, aircrafts and assets. Charles Wagner, Founder of AviateNow, turns to iDialogue to solve the challenge of complex CPQ process.

​iDialogue Lightning Component added to reservation page layout enables one-click quote generation and tracking

​AviateNow’s quoting process is integrated directly with their scheduling management workflow. Adding the iDialogue lightning component to the Reservation page layout provides one-click access to generating PDF quotes during the scheduling process.

Using the Salesforce lightning page designer, users can configure specific visibility and sharing rules around the document component as well as tacking and monitoring activities for a specific document to see when and who viewed, changed, or modified the document.

one-click quote generation and tracking

Quote generation with dynamic merge tags using Word templates

iDialogue provides AviateNow with customized Word templates for complex reservation quotes. After uploading the iDialogue Word document templates to Salesforce Files, AviateNow is able to create highly customized quotes that merges with reservation records in Salesforce. The Word templates can be customized and branded to meet the unique business needs of AviateNow's customers.

​Personalized Portal that offers eSignature, Chat Room and ePayment functionality that significantly shortens the sales cycle

Quote template

Process Automation

Upon customer approval or signing of the document, AviateNow can create a process builder flow that automates several post-acceptance actions, such as sending out an email alert to the sales representative or the crew members, generate an invoice or change the status of the reservation.

Process automation
"iDialogue offers a wide range of functionalities from document generation, secure delivery, collaboration to transaction management features such as document approval, eSignature, payment processing and process builder flow, all of which are critical to achieving operational efficiency for aviation management."

- Charles Wagner

Next Steps

Pacific Apps and AviateNow will continue to collaborate on the development of the best-of-breed solution for the Aviation industry by offering additional workflow automation and document templates to streamline processes and increase operational efficiencies.