GPS Trackit Implements iDialogue for Streamlined Document Process Automation

The Challenge

To maintain its industry-leading position, GPS Trackit was on a quest to streamline several of its core operational processes, particularly:

  • Pre-built CPQ Templates: Extending Salesforce Sales Cloud with product bundles, templates and workflows to aid in configuration, pricing, and quotation processes.
  • Document Generation: Efficient and accurate generation of documents like quotes, contracts, and packing slips.
  • eSignature: Execution of quotes with quick conversion to Contracts and Orders.
  • Document Rooms: Secure delivery of quotes and agreements.
  • Flow Automation & Orchestration: The ability to automate key processes to reduce manual intervention and increase speed.
  • Print & Delivery: Simplified printing processes and secure document delivery mechanisms.

Pain points like extended quoting durations and the cumbersome handling of configuration products added layers of complexity. Additionally, foreign importers' requirement for accessible packing slips outside the box presented logistical challenges.

GPS Trackit needed a solution, and they found it in iDialogue.

The Solution

iDialogue from the Salesforce AppExchange iDialogue, a standout tool for Document Process Automation on Salesforce, emerged as the perfect fit for GPS Trackit. It provided comprehensive solutions covering Quote Configuration & Pricing, Document Generation, Quote Delivery, eSignature, and Fulfillment Automation.

The Gen-Send-Sign workflow of iDialogue resonated with GPS Trackit's requirements. The package’s pre-built event handlers, particularly for common processes like document eSignature, enabled GPS Trackit to easily extend their existing flows. This facilitated auto-updates of Opportunity statuses to 'Closed-Won', efficient Contract & Order generation, and simplified creation of packing slips.

Key Implementation Highlights


Upon achieving a 'Closed-Won' status, a Contract record was automatically generated with the signed Quote attached as a file.

Packing Slips

Via Salesforce, packing slips were automatically generated in PDF format, printed, and attached to packages, ensuring compliance with foreign importers' requirements.

No Code Implementation

The end-to-end implementation was seamlessly carried out by Business Process Analyst, Mr. Willingham. Leveraging Salesforce Flows in conjunction with the iDialogue content API, every document process was orchestrated to perfection, without a line of code.


GPS Trackit's partnership with iDialogue is a testament to the transformative power of Document Process Automation. From Leads to Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, and Contracts, every stage of the Sales and Fulfillment lifecycle witnessed marked optimization.

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