Donation letter generation, batch Year-End receipts, NPSP GPT and more...

Generative AI and Document solutions for Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack)

Combine Year-End Receipts with a Donor Campaign to Create Amazing Results​​

Year-end is such a critical time for nonprofit organizations. It’s an important fundraising season and an opportunity to deepen the donor-nonprofit relationship. It’s also time to make sure that all administrative tasks are completed such as acknowledgements, receipts and written disclosures are sent out at a timely manner to meet IRS requirements.

It's generally accepted that existing donors are 5 times more likely to be the source of recurring donations than new donors. What if we told you that generating and sending year-end tax receipts to donors does not have to be a chore and the process can actually bring in more donations!

iDialogue's NPSP Solution allows you to show donors your appreciation with a personalized year-end message and the opportunity for them to donate more.

Generate Documents ​On-Demand and In Batch with Ease

  • Download our ready-to-use customizable Microsoft Word templates for NPSP.
  • Generate acknowledgments and receipts on-demand by merging the templates with Salesforce™ records with iDialogue's 100% Lightning component.
  • Utilize the batch document generation feature to generate thousands of year-end documents and annual donation receipts all at once with ease.
  • On-Demand
  • Batch

Personalized Donor Portal for Secure Document Sharing and Payment Processing

  • Utilize iDialogue's Room Builder to create a secure donor portal with your organization’s branding and personalized year-end call-to-action message.
  • Add document and Stripe payment plugins to room page layouts. Enable document sharing and payment processing.
  • Invite your donors to secure rooms where they can download year-end tax receipts and make additional year-end donations using the Stripe payment platform.
  • Save donation records directly in Salesforce™ records and generate receipts immediately. ​

Let Our Volunteers Do the Work!

For a limited time, Pacific Apps will provide unlimited support and volunteers to setup your iDialogue year-end campaign