PacketFabric Implementation Demonstrates Flexibility of Flow CPQ

Flow CPQ

iDialogue announced at the Dreamforce 2022 conference in San Francisco the launch of Flow CPQ; a Configure, Price, and Quoting automation solution built on Salesforce Flows and Sales Cloud.

​Flow CPQ extends Sales Cloud with flow-driven features, such as:

  • Product Bundles
  • Configuration Rules
  • Guided Product Configurators
  • Volume-Based Pricing
  • Customer and Partner Pricing
  • PDF and Word Document Generation
  • Personalized Quote Rooms
  • Scheduled Quote Reminders
  • eSignatures​
Product bundles

The solution embraces the UnofficialSF open source Flow component library. iDialogue now offers implementation, training and support services for the next generation of Flow CPQ Developers utilizing the UnofficialSF library.

Early adopters of the Flow CPQ framework have had great success.

custom networking from PacketFabric
Custom networking from PacketFabric

Joe Oligny, SVP of Customer and Sales Success at PacketFabric says, “Our Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform is highly configurable, so we needed a flexible Salesforce quoting solution. iDialogue, with the UnofficialSF flow components, allows our Salesforce Developers and Admins to quickly develop and deploy new product configurations to our Sales channels.”

“Our Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform is highly configurable, so we needed a flexible Salesforce quoting solution. iDialogue allows our team to quickly deploy new product configurations to our channels.”

Joe Oligny - SVP of Customer and Sales Success

Michael Leach, iDialogue’s CEO, added “PacketFabric’s implementation was extremely important to us. Their software-defined networks enable nearly infinite point-to-point configurations with options for speeds, circuits, subscription terms, and more. And they needed the ability to quickly scale and add new configurations in new markets.”

Flow CPQ, integrated with the PacketFabric pricing API, provides a simple and highly scalable solution within Salesforce. Sales Reps can walk customers through various configuration options in real-time, producing a reliable quote with accurate products, pre-defined pricing, and dynamic terms and conditions.

All with just a few clicks.

The actual networks can then be provisioned in just about 2 minutes.

“It’s amazing to see all these quoting systems come together in a flow-driven environment. This really is the ultimate CPQ environment Developers have been seeking for years” said Michael Leach.

Flow CPQ is available as an Accelerator to iDialogue. Pricing ranges from $20-$40 per user/month, in addition to Sales Cloud licenses. Learn more at iDialogue Flow CPQ.

The UnofficialSF screen and action packs can be downloaded for free from UnofficialSF.

The solution is available immediately. Contact to arrange a demo, or install the package from the AppExchange. Learn more at iDialogue Releases.

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