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iDialogue 1.276
  • Adds support for running batch Flow GPT actions.
  • Adds support for Global AI Assistants.

iDialogue 1.274
  • Updates to how AI Assistant Favorite Prompts are saved/removed.
  • Prompt Engineering: Adds ability to intercept assistant response within flows.
  • Disables opportunity trigger by default.
  • Adds AIAction custom object with support for pre-calculated embeddings and similarity searches.

iDialogue 1.268
  • Adds AI Assistant lightning component for use on any page layout.
  • Adds new custom objects for AI Model and Prompt.
  • Adds ability to favorite and recall frequently used prompts.
  • Upgrades all Apex classes to latest (v56 or v57)
  • Upgrades all lightning components to latest ReactJS stable.
  • Auto-detects signature tags in PDFs uploaded to rooms. Makes them signable.
  • Fixes issue in document template {{#Section}} tags where inner tables were not correctly removed.

iDialogue 1.261
  • Fixes issue in record clone action when multiple related records are cloned with omit fields defined
  • Room Builder: adds ability to deactivate room template from settings to prevent displayed option in rooms ltng component.
  • Updated metadata to v55 for most Apex classes.
  • Modifies Checklist item status behavior upon room invite. Status no longer auto-updated to "In Progress"
  • Checklist HTML status defaults to "Not Started"
  • Updates to the Add Room Item flow to ensure ContentVersions are uploaded asynchronously

iDialogue 1.254
  • Adds support for running batch document processes from a report source (HOWTO article).

iDialogue 1.252
  • Extends Record Clone Action to support multiple related/child records in clone operation.
  • Adds nullable fields to Record Clone action. Ability to omit certain fields when cloning child objects.
  • Fixes issue with record clone action when multiple related child objects are defined. Set proper lookup reference to new parent.
  • Adds support for Organization Wide Email Addresses when delivering emails via iDialogue flows
  • Adds support for email template setUseSignature. Disables email signatures in HTML templates.
  • Fixes bug where email senderDisplayName was overridden by the flow running user name.
  • Checklists - Improves exception handling when status is an unsupported picklist value

iDialogue v1.242
  • Adds document sections for dynamic terms, conditions, and clauses (HOWTO article)
  • Adds rollup summary definitions and flow action (HOWTO article)

iDialogue v1.240
  • Adds Room Activity Action to log custom events to room activity list from flows
  • Room Delete raises status event for use in custom record-trigger and validation rules to prevent/allow room deletion

iDialogue v1.236
  • Adds ability to CC room owner on invite
  • Adds WhatId input parameter to "Send Email With Attachment" flow
  • Removes package dependency on enhanced emails
  • Moves Reminder Service to invocable / scheduleable flow (was in hourly sync service)
  • Fixes currency formatting in "HTML Table Builder"
  • Adds DisplayOrder__c custom field to OpportunityLineItem for use in more declarative quote generation.
  • Fixes issue with newline breaks in checklist items (new behavior in Winter 23)
  • Fixes issue with cascade sync of subscribing checklist items to master template (Name field not correctly synced)

iDialogue v1.224
  • Added ability to export all Checklist items and attachments to ZIP file
  • Added new platform events for CONTENT_VERSION insert and update for use in flow triggers.
  • Added new flow template for “Request Document eSignature”
  • Upgraded all flow actions with API callouts to v54
  • Added signature validation to CX eSign flow​

iDialogue v1.220
  • Adds HTML Table Action (for inline tables in emails)
  • Adds Room email template support for invitations and reminders
  • Adds Inline attachment renderer to emails
  • Adds EMAIL_OPENED event to room activity log
  • Adds OnEmailOpened platform event flow
  • Adds ESIGN_CONSENT platform event
  • Separate MEMBER_ADDED and MEMBER_INVITED activity events
  • Fixes issue where checklist status was not correctly updated OnItemDelete
  • Fixes an issue when connecting to iDialogue API from sandbox
  • Fixes issue in room builder where picklists did not preserve radio render option
  • Fixes issue in rooms where some web form elements did not preserve values onPrevious page view​

iDialogue v1.208
  • Adds SMS Text Action to Flow Builder
  • Removes calculated formula fields from Room Forms Builder
  • Fixes checklist item encoding issue when name contains double quotes
  • Fixes issue when adding SE documents to rooms in draft state

iDialogue v1.206
  • Adds Contact and Lead lookup references to LatestRoomMember invite
  • Adds ability to send room invites using Lightning Email templates
  • Adds Product Family product configurator
  • Adds Products data grid with inline editing
  • Adds client-side exception handling to Stripe credit card tokenization
  • Adds exception handling and logging when processing Stripe payment methods

iDialogue v1.204
  • Adds ReminderService
  • Adds "On Reminder Service Send" flow platform event handler
  • Adds documentation for reminder services

iDialogue v1.203
  • Adds Product Bundle Configurator

iDialogue v1.202
  • Adds auto-launched flow to record Checklist audit trail events
  • Adds flow template to notify Checklist Owner upon end-user submitting all items
  • Auto-sets all checklist items to “In Progress” upon room invite

​iDialogue v1.201
  • Adds support for “Product Bundle” Configuration type
  • Fixes issue upgrading from previous versions without configured Enablement Rules
  • Fixes issue where checklist answers/help text contained escaped quotes

iDialogue v1.196
  • Adds new Room Activity reports and dashboard
  • Adds new Sales Enablement content reports and dashboard
  • Increases max size for zipping all batch files to 100GB
  • Aligns all file content enablement rules on new rule builder flow
  • Adds tag builder utils screen flow for ContentVersion page layout
  • Adds ContentInsight custom object with user-level SE content usage reporting
  • Sets RoomInviteStatus to "Sent" on Room record before delivery. For use in quote approval and validation rules.
  • Fixes issue where Stripe Charge would use default payment method for customer ID instead of specified PM.
  • Fixes issue when deleting uploaded files from checklists within rooms

iDialogue v1.191
  • Adds Task to Checklist List items when comments are posted in rooms

iDialogue v1.189
  • Adds metrics and counters to ContentVersion for reporting Sales Enablement engagement with content.

iDialogue v1.184
  • Adds enhanced email support to batch definitions (lightning email templates).
  • Adds batch utility links to preview batch runs and email deliveries.
  • Adds and raises BATCH_DOCUMENT_SENT platform event during batch emailer process.

iDialogue v1.181
  • Adds room enablement rules and dynamic filtering in Lightning Experience (LEX) component (see HOWTO use Room Enablement Rules)
  • Adds new API endpoint for enhanced checklists
  • Optimizes component load performance of LEX room with serialized manifest of all available room templates
  • Fixes issue with Batch Zip files receiving "invalid format" on Windows computers
  • Fixes issue with Room Close Flow Action where room was not consistently flagged as archived. 
  • Handles exceptions during event log cleaning process

iDialogue v1.176
  • Adds Stripe screen flow for credit card processing from any record page layout (see HOWTO article).
  • Handles MFA/2FA and other secure orgs where User session is locked down (uses OAuth 2.0 connected app)
  • Fixes issue with AddMember flow action where memberId output variable is used.

iDialogue v1.173
  • Fixes issue where multiple docs in same room could not be dynamically rendered if they shared different Front Matter merge tag mappings.
  • Improves File Enablement Rule screen flow configuration.
  • Improves eSign performance. Moves platform event and Signature__c record write back to async queue.
  • Records all events in time-series format (for use in upcoming dashboard)

iDialogue v1.168
  • Fixes issue with multiple users accessing site definition records
  • Fixes issue with file names containing “/”. Could not be added to batch zip (since fixed)
  • Adds BATCH_COMPLETE platform event for use in flows.
  • Adds pre-defined cron expressions for scheduling batches HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY
  • Updates to Checklist API serialization. Adds answer types and uploaded file attachments.

iDialogue v1.157
  • Adds room builder site versioning.
  • Adds room content history, snapshot, and restore.
  • Increases room site definition limit to 6MB.

iDialogue v1.149
  • Stripe charge action. Adds support for including additional metadata.
  • Adds “Room Events” flow template.
  • Adds support for notifying record Owners when room events are triggered.
  • Adds support for Room Reminders, email frequency, and email body.
  • MemberInviteAction fixes issue with disabling email delivery.
  • Checklist trigger auto-populates Checklist status in rich HTML text field (for use in reminder emails)

iDialogue v1.145
  • Adds script support for querying records in rooms
  • Adds script support for updating records in rooms
  • Adds support for merge tags in room email templates
  • Fixes issue with custom domains configuration when domain is not defined

iDialogue 1.144
  • Adds support for checkbox controls in document templates (HOWTO article)
  • Adds image button flow component
  • Simplifies custom domain onboarding. One custom setting and two CNAME DNS entries
  • Adds support for script queries and stored procedures
  • Attach eSigned documents as Files by default. Backwards support for Attachment type.

iDialogue v1.141
  • Adds BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) option to “Send with Attachment” flow actions.
  • Adds support for Checklists, Checklist Items, Kanban paths, and workflow-driven onboarding
  • Updates to Batch Emailer. Improves exception handling and logging.

iDialogue v1.134
  • Adds Batch document utilities to zip or combine all files into one.
  • Adds ConfigurationId property to Rooms for use by scripting plugins.

iDialogue v1.133
  • Ad Hoc Document Signing (Pilot)

iDialogue v1.132
  • Performance improvements to document generation and PDF conversion
  • Fixes issues related to regenerating document item content in certain room contexts
  • Pilot of Ad hoc eSignature support. Upload documents to rooms containing signature tags

iDialogue v1.131
  • Adds support for image placeholders in table rows.
  • Adds “Generate Document” screen flow template.
  • Improved DataGrid exception handling with guidance on query error.

iDialogue v1.129
  • Fixes CSS issue with some themes being overridden by lightning component.
  • Fixes issue with repeater tag picklist setting in document builder.
  • Fixes issue with content search results when switching tabs.
  • Adds support for unlimited document batch sizes

iDialogue v1.128
  • Document room: Increases max doc size to 4GB
  • Document merge performance. Reduced average render time by 33%.
  • Increased batch throughput > 2,000 documents per hour
  • Improves exception handling of content library uploads
  • Improved support for Word embedded fonts in templates
  • iDialogue SE (Sales Enablement) preview

iDialogue v1.126
  • Removes dependency on Orders for installation

iDialogue v1.124
  • Improves formatting of long file names in document rooms
  • Improves formatting of dynamically generated files when format and extension do not match (format is authoritative)
  • Adds support for Organization-Wide Address in Batch Emailer
  • When deleting members from rooms, first validates that member has not already signed a document

iDialogue v1.119
  • Adds support to ensure room links are available in common Opportunity LEX flows
  • Adds Signer role check when adding Collaborators/Viewers to rooms requiring signatures

iDialogue v1.117
  • Adds Enablement Rules data modeling and File screenflow for content categorization (Beta release).
  • Stabilizes Multi-Quote rooms.
  • ContentVersion trigger performance optimizations

iDialogue v1.12
  • Optimizes document rendering with dynamic query optimizations
  • Optimizes batch definitions and performance. Moves max batch size to SETTING_MAX_BATCH_SIZE
  • Improves Counter Signer flows
  • Adds type ahead field selector for document tag object selector.
  • Fixes issue with Data Grid losing column field mappings in certain edge cases.
  • Script plugin dynamically sets height and width based on detected view port onLoad

​iDialogue v1.110
  • Adds Script plugin
  • Adds support for Room Links in Lightning Experience

​iDialogue v1.108
  • Adds Flow template for publishing quote room events to Slack
  • Improvements to Lightning Experience (LEX) component. Better performance and room context switching.
  • Improvement to LEX in console apps.
  • Multi-Doc action supports more parameters for action button state.
  • Fixes issue with certain line breaks in text plugin.
  • Adds Room Refresh Action for flow builder​

iDialogue v1.103
  • Adds room settings gear icon to iDialogue Lightning component.
  • One-click access to switch rooms, refresh, or delete a room.

iDialogue v1.102
  • Adds support for data grids.
  • Adds type ahead picklist to tag builder and data grid field selector
  • Improves rendering of LEX icons when CORS is disabled.
  • Improves versioning of room templates

iDialogue v1.100
  • Fixed issue where shorthand tag field mappings were not re-initialized upon new document version upload

iDialogue v1.99
  • Added support for multi-record rooms
  • Attach docs as Files by default

Flow GPT Accelerator v1.1
  • Adds GPT Flow examples
  • File GPT: Example of handling file upload with GPT summary.
  • Flow GPT: Lead, Case, and Account examples with GPT summary, language translation and PDF knowledge base source.
  • Batch GPT: Extends iDialogue flow batch functionality to mass update Accounts with GPT summary.

SaaS Quote to Cash Accelerator v1.121
  • Adds checkbox to User record "Trigger Exempt User". When enabled, exempts API users from quote related calculations on Opportunity and Item records. Allows for mass-update/insert processes.

SaaS Quote to Cash Accelerator v1.120
  • Adds Trailing N Days setting for Trends API to limit amount of time-series billing usage captured on records.

Quote to Cash Accelerator 1.118
  • Adds Subscription Renewal Flow that clones an original opportunity.

Flow CPQ Accelerator v1.2
  • Merges subscription management module from Q2C (Quote to Cash) Accelerator
  • Adds Opportunity to Order Auto-Launched flow

NPSP Accelerator v1.9
  • Adds campaign lookup to Payment object.
  • Adds flow to auto-populate payment campaign
  • Updates to default batch query. Uses {{AllFields}} merge tag macro.

Flow CPQ Accelerator v1.1
  • Provides iDialogue extensions for flow-based Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)
  • Adds Quote snapshot action to sync Quotes to/from Opportunities
  • Adds custom metadata type and fields for Quote field mapping (twin fields)
  • Adds Account Pricing and Contract Pricing

NPSP Accelerator v1.7
  • Adds Household Donation letter workflow that captures doc gen and email delivery timestamps on Accounts
  • Adds Household Donation Letter Report
  • Adds Mass-Update utility to reset workflow fields
  • Adds batch template creation for print and email batch types

NPSP Accelerator v1.3
  • Added NPSP Utils home page
  • Added Email analysis and repair service (ensures preferred email stays in sync with standard Contact.Email)
  • Added Household itemized email table generation service
  • Added Batch generation template for NPSP Household Year-End donation letters

NPSP Accelerator v1.2
  • Added Opportunity record trigger flow
  • Added support for NPSP Payment records

NPSP Accelerator v2021.1
  • Includes 4 pre-configured donation letter templates (Requires Word DOCX to edit)
  • Includes donation acknowledgement screen flow
  • Includes custom fields for use in document templates

Quote to Cash v1.112
  • Adds Product config setting to suppress auto end date calculations for subscription products
  • Adds Product config setting to Always Use Prorated Pricing
  • Adds config setting to disable Contract status cascades to Subscription order status
  • Adds daily calendar date to billing usage
  • Adds REST API for retrieving usage by subscriber ID, account ID, startDate, endDate

Quote to Cash v1.111
  • Adds daily unit price fields to Billing Usage for use in capturing granular daily usage fees, as in mid-month amendment use cases.
  • Fixes bug with AddOn validation rules after Opportunity Update related to Contract EndDate.

Quote to Cash v1.110
  • Adds global utility method: XBillingUsage.getUsageByBillingAccount(Date usageDate, ID accountId);
  • Improves logging of exceptions during amendment order provisioning process.

​Quote to Cash v1.106
  • Adds Order.Amended__c checkbox (enabled on amendment action)
  • Adds Order.AmendmentOrder__c link to new Amendment order

Quote to Cash v1.105
  • Adds verbose logging to Xero integration batches to review async transactions 

Quote to Cash v1.104
  • Adds revenue rollup summary object
  • Adds revenue recognition fields to Invoice Item
  • Adds Invoice Item flow template to assign revenue
  • Adds scheduled service for rolling up revenue summaries
  • Adds Xero Invoice and Payment batch delay to custom settings

2023 Q3
  • Prompt Library: Collection of pre-built GPT prompts for use in chat bots.
  • Customer-facing AI Chatbot in rooms.
  • Batch AI Processing. Mass Account summarize
  • Merge Chat GPT content with document templates. Guided, generative content flows.

2023 Q2
  • AI Assistant: Rooms chatbot
  • File GPT: Semantic search and chat with PDFs, Word Docs, Text files
  • Increase AI textraction / completion for 2GB files
  • AI Flow Actions: Textract, Completion and Chat
  • Security and stability enhancements. Apex v57 and Lightning component ReactJS stable.

2023 Q1
  • AI Assistant (GPT-3). Prompt builder. Content create, extract and summarize
  • Checklist enhancements
  • New room builder plugin type "Flow" (Lightning Out support)
  • Content Cloud rebranding

2022 Q4
  • eSignature identifiers and verification service (launch announcement)
  • Flow CPQ Enhancements: Product groups and options
  • Rollup summary definitions and flow action (launch announcement)
  • New quote templates that support nested product options and product groups
  • Create document batch scope from report definitions (NPSP Accelerator)

2022 Q3
  • Price tier and discount schedules action (Flow CPQ)
  • Support for dynamic clauses in document templates via {{Section}} {{/Section}} tags
  • Data grid enhancements. Improved query definition and column formatting rules
  • Buyer Experience Accelerator for Salesforce CPQ / Revenue Cloud
  • Room builder Text Plugin: Add text color picker and support dynamic merge tags in hyperlinks
  • New quote document templates with revenue and quantity schedules

2022 Q2
  • HTML Email Delivery (Delivered. See KB Article)
  • Flow CPQ Accelerator: Product bundle flow configurator
  • SMS Text Flow Action (Twilio integration)
  • Bind SE content to room text plugins based on content category
  • Accessibility improvements (see blog post)
  • Export all checklist files to a single Zip file.

2022 Q1
  • Intelligent reminders. Send email reminders to customers that haven't yet viewed or taken action on quotes.
  • Process credit cards directly from Salesforce records (Stripe integration)
  • Enhanced Checklists
  • Section 508 conformance / Accessibility improvements

2021 Q4
  • Sales Enablement: Starting customer dialogues using internal sales guides, training, and onboarding.
  • Content recommendation engine. Auto-include content in rooms.

2021 Q3
  • Room script extensions: Full DML support for querying, inserting, and updating records from rooms
  • MS Word Checkbox data binding
  • Screen flow product configuration with image buttons

2021 Q2
  • Ad Hoc Document Signatures. Upload docs to rooms for signing (no template required)
  • Content Categorization

2021 Q1
  • Data grids. Display opportunity/quotes/order line items as inline HTML in rooms.
  • Dialogue script.

2020 Q4
  • Multi quote rooms
  • Attach all rendered docs as Files by default. Backwards compatible with Attachments.

2020 Q3
  • Stripe integration (link)
  • Slack publisher (link)
  • Google analytics support

2020 Q2
  • Enhanced platform events (link)
  • Enhanced Flow actions. (link)