Key Features

iDialogue enables AI-driven process "flywheels" that accelerate content creation, document generation, delivery, and agreement execution.

AI Assistants

AI Assistants and GPT flows guide Salesforce users and customers towards conversion, sales execution and support case resolution.
  • Generate emails, summaries or quote content using ChatGPT™ enterprise integration
  • Infuse assistants with business and process knowledge
  • Create validation and approval rules using natural language prompts
  • Sales enablement chat bots. Inline eLearning and KB articles.
  • Guide Salesforce Users towards lead conversion, quote generation, opportunity close or case resolution.
  • Supports standard or custom objects

Document Generation

  • Manage a library of document templates within Salesforce
  • Embed merge tags, dynamic tables, clauses, and images
  • Pre-built components and screen flows to generate docs
  • Flow actions to automate doc generation
  • Batch doc processing

Document Rooms / Secure Delivery

  • Securely send customers personalized links to document "rooms"
  • Intelligent email templates with inline content
  • Personalized AI Assistants to guide and support Leads/Contacts
  • Customize rooms with pre-built plugins for web forms, data grids, payments, and more.
  • Complete audit-trail of activity, document chain-of-custody, and AI transcripts
  • Recall room invites. Unsend documents.


  • Add eSignature to any document template
  • Unique time-stamped signatures with online verification service
  • Counter-signature support
  • eSigned documents auto-attach to Salesforce records
  • Auto-update records upon eSignature events


  • Support for customer file uploads, checklists, payments.
  • Inline AI Assistants to answer questions and suggest next steps.

Features of iDialogue Studio

  • Document Builder
  • Room Builder
  • Flow Builder
  • AI Builder

Generate Documents Directly from Any Salesforce Record Using Templates

  • Dynamically generate Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files from Salesforce records.
  • Define merge fields in templates.
  • Map merge tags to data sources.
  • Generate dynamic itemized tables from related child records.
  • Multi-currency and multi-locale support.
  • Contract clause library.
  • Dynamically rendered sections and clauses.
  • Merge product images into documents.
  • Render payment and revenue schedules into document Appendices.
  • Define placement of eSignature tags and timestamps.

​Build secure deal rooms and portals for a personalized customer / buyer experience

  • Easily launch personalized rooms from Salesforce records
  • Send contacts requests to review and eSign documents, upload documents, submit web forms, or submit payment methods
  • Add deal-specific content to rooms for personalized digital selling
  • Customize and brand rooms with logos, content, and color schemes
  • No usernames or passwords required! Flow-initiated invitations include personalized secure links to rooms
  • Audit trail of all room activity. Email read receipts, opened documents, eSignatures, payment events, and more.

​Orchestrate and automate all deal room interactions

  • Event-driven CRM methodology
  • Initialize AI Assistants and ChatBots
  • Automate workflows that respond to key CRM events
  • Automate GPT actions: summarizations, translations, categorizations
  • Generate documents, setup rooms, and invite contacts directly from screen flows
  • Guided wizard-based product configuration flows
  • No-code approach to implementing custom business processes

​Manage AI Models, Skills, Prompts and Actions natively in Salesforce

  • AI Assistant model definition
  • Prompt engineering. Flow Builder actions for AI orchestration.
  • Extend models with AI Skills, functions and tools
  • Access to Kaizen AI DevOps process and automated testing
  • Define Vector Spaces for RAG applications
  • Flow GPT: Orchestrate GPT tasks
  • AI Transcripts


Case Studies

  • PacketFabric
  • GPS Trackit
  • Addigy
  • Aviate

PacketFabric Implementation Demonstrates Flexibility of Flow CPQ

“Our Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform is highly configurable, so we needed a flexible Salesforce quoting solution. iDialogue, with the UnofficialSF flow components, allows our Salesforce Developers and Admins to quickly develop and deploy new product configurations to our Sales channels.”

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Joe Oligny

Joe Oligny

SVP of Customer and Sales Success at PacketFabric

GPS Trackit Implements iDialogue for Streamlined Document Process AutomationAI

GPS Trackit's partnership with iDialogue is a testament to the transformative power of Document Process Automation. From Leads to Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, and Contracts, every stage of the Sales and Fulfillment lifecycle witnessed marked optimization.

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​Addigy Implements Quoting and Customer Onboarding Using iDialogue on the Salesforce Platform™

"We use iDialogue to configure SaaS subscriptions, generate and send quotes, and collect eSignatures. ​iDialogue's SaaS Accelerator enables us to capture usage-based billing metrics for our Apple device management platform in Salesforce for a complete Customer 360° view."

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Jack Michel

Jack Michel

Senior Salesforce Administrator at Addigy

AviateNow Implements iDialogue for Aviation AI

"AviateNow is very excited to bundle iDialogue AI into our Aviation Charter solutions. iDialogue enhances AviateNow with guided ChatGPT Assistants, AI orchestration and File GPT document intelligence."

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​Charles Wagner

​Charles Wagner

Founder of AviateNow, Inc

Create automated "flywheels" in your org today.

Automate document-driven processes in Salesforce™ using Flows and AI.