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Starter Professional Business Enterprise
Document Generation
Document Delivery / Secure Send
GPT-Assisted Content
Usage-Based Limits (Per 24 Hours) Starter Professional Business Enterprise
(~1,500 per month)
250 2,500 Unlimited
1,000 3,000 10,000 Unlimited
20 100 500 Unlimited
20 100 500 Unlimited
150,000 500,000 1,500,000 Unlimited
Support Starter Professional Business Enterprise
7 15 30 Varies
$ $ $
$ - Available as an add-on. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

iDialogue is licensed per org and pre-paid annually or month-to-month. ~20% discounts are applied to pre-paid annual subscriptions.

Each tier supports up to a maximum number of users with all features included. There are daily limits on some usage-based features. Those limits increase with each tier.

Some add-on accelerator packages may be licensed per user or per org.

All Salesforce Editions are supported.

Professional Edition is supported, but an add-on API license is required to access the Content Cloud and enabled document rooms.

An email notification is sent to Admins when any usage-based feature is within 80% of limits. iDialogue will continue to render content beyond 100% but users may experience warning messages.

Once usage exceeds a limit for 2 or more consecutive days, orgs must upgrade to the next tier, or arrange for a custom quote that is optimized for a particular content feature (such as AI Assistant only, doc gen only, etc...)

Usage-based counters against limits are reset to 0 every 24 hours.

Yes. iDialogue can be installed/used in sandboxes. Use the "Quick Start" tab to establish API connections in sandboxes. Sandbox installations can consume 33% of licensed production limits without incurring any extra fees.

The unique IDs generated for production iDialogue objects may conflict with records in refreshed sandboxes. Consult with your Account Manager or for best practices on serializing and exporting package custom metadata across orgs.

Yes. Security is managed and enforced at multiple levels.

Emails and Document Rooms
iDialogue Rooms are more secure than sending documents via email. Each invitation to a room includes a unique, secure link that is intended for a unique Lead or Contact email recipient. 2-factor authentication can be enabled on rooms.

AI Assistants
iDialogue AI Assistants are safer and more secure than most consumer-facing chat services.

They are designed to operate in high-compliance, secure, enterprise environments; such as SOX for Financial Services or HIPAA compliant Medical and Healthcare AI solutions.

iDialogue utilizes a combination of AWS Textract and Comprehend, and OpenAI chat, embeddings, and completion APIs with enterprise security features.

Data submitted is not used for model training or other service improvements.

Chat conversions may be retained for compliance purposes. Users cannot delete chat dialogues.

Hosting Infrastructure
iDialogue is hosted on the same architecture as Salesforce GovCloud+, which is a hybrid of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce. The same ISO and SOC-2 compliance certificates apply at the physical security, networking, and logical app hosting levels.

iDialogue submits periodic security reviews to various platforms and vendors (Salesforce, Checkmarx, Github dependencies, NPM alerts, OpenAI)

iDialogue implements the OpenAI definition for tokens and words when generating AI-assisted content.

Tokens can be thought of as pieces of words. Before the API processes the prompts, the input is broken down into tokens. These tokens are not cut up exactly where the words start or end - tokens can include trailing spaces and even sub-words. Here are some helpful rules of thumb for understanding tokens in terms of lengths:

  • 1 token ~= 4 chars in English
  • 1 token ~= ¾ words
  • 100 tokens ~= 75 words
  • 1-2 sentence ~= 30 tokens
  • 1 paragraph ~= 100 tokens
  • 1,500 words ~= 2048 tokens

AI Assistants utilizing the "Complex" AI model (Davinci) accrue at 2x the token rate. Use complex model AI Assistants carefully, as every 1,000 tokens counts as 2,000 against the daily limit.

When adding the AI Assistant lightning component to any page layout without a defined AI Assistant for the SObject, the model defaults to "Complex" with a seed prompt containing all SObject fields.

Yes. For annual subscriptions, a window of onboarding days are included (anywhere from 7 to 30 days). A Customer Success Manager is assigned during onboarding to assist with installation, configuration, setting up document templates, eSignatures, rooms, Stripe integration, web forms, or any other iDialogue related support.

For Business and Enterprise editions, an Account Manager is assigned for ongoing check-ins and org reviews.

The iDialogue knowledge base, YouTube videos, HOWTO Articles, and document templates are available.

Email support is available at Please include your Org Name and ID (if applicable).

Live video and shared desktop meetings via Zoom are available, if questions cannot be answered via email.

There are over 1,000 implementation partners on the AppExchange. We can work directly with any partner to design, implement, and support custom content solutions. We can train implementation partners to provide first-tier support.

For Business and Enterprise subscribers we offer support via a private Slack connect channel. Additional template design, training, and support can be purchased in packages.